What's in a Shift Dress?

Hello my lovely readers, Welcome back to my blog . Today is all about the classic wardrobe staple : Shift dress.
The Shift dress can be dated as far back as the 1920’s . It’s a loose fit dress that so classy and easy to style simply because you can either dress it up or down . What I love about it is the fact that you can use different fabrics like silk , sequin, cotton, Ankara, Adire , to make a nice dress. You can opt for a structured dress or a relaxed feel and this is solely dependent on your fabric choice.
I like to think that the Shift dress goes well with almost all body types because of the loose fit ; however if you have some issues like a bulging tummy ,you may consider wearing a (shaper/ spanx) because it creates a nice silhouette  even though it’s not too clingy . You also have the option of showing off your legs . Most shift dresses are slightly above the knee and the hat trick is to wear really nice shoes .
You can wear a shift dress to a number of functions like a girls night out,  weekend with the family, semi-formal events just to mention a few. I have quite a number of them in my closet and its safe to say this style is a lifesaver when you do not know what to wear especially because of the easy styling options available .
For this look, I’m wearing this shift dress I got from an online site SHEIN click  Here to shop the dress and other fabulous pieces, plus they ship for free .
I love the lace detail on the collar and the shredded bit of the fabric on the sleeves and  hem of the dress .
I wore this look  to a meeting so I put on a slingback pump heel and grabbed my mini bag , slapped on some red lipstick by Taos cosmetics  (which is I rarely do) , minimal jewelry and strutted gallantly to my meeting.
I would have worn a pair of sneakers if I wasn’t going in for a meeting and probably carried a back pack . Shift dresses are best for our weather (air flowing freely between your legs lol), and are still stylish enough to fit in to your preferred styling option.
Shift dressed for the win!!
Are you a fan of shift dresses?
See you soon and please leave me a comment .