My Makari De Suisse Experience

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Can you believe I had written this post earlier and somehow  I lost the content? Just imagine the frustration. I thought I had saved the information and was waiting to upload the pictures, only to see that It was all gone. These are some of the challenges we face but we gotta keep it moving and provide content for you.
I would like to thank you for  the positive comments on my feature in the ongoing Makari De Suisse 24k gold ad/campaign . I am super excited and grateful , its my first ad as a beauty blogger . All thanks to God, hard work and you for supporting the brand .
I have received quite a lot of questions and comments as to whether or not the product works or bleaches my skin . I blogged about my first encounter with Makari here and I’ve been using it for a while now. The ads I featured in is a true testament of my experience with the products over the past 9 months.
Makari De Suites is indeed a very popular product and needs no introduction . When I was much younger, i recall reading something about Senator Florence Ita-Giwa  being the face and representative of the line in Nigeria. I also recall seeing the products at beauty stands and ‘Lagos big babes” were buying it like pure The hype was crazy.
Fast forward many years later, I was invited to the launch of the 24k gold range and just like any other consumer or skin care enthusiast , I was burning with the question of whether Makari was indeed a bleaching cream and put to rest all the comments i had read/heard about Makari.

My favorite product from the line😘

I mentioned a couple of times that my skin is very reactive and responds to what I feed it so i get immediate results . This has been a deciding factor in settling with the skincare products i currently use.
Makari De Suisse 24k gold

Months later , I was called in by the Makari team to shoot the ad after I gave my honest reviews on the products. They had viewed my work as an influencer and were happy to work with me and vice versa .
I was amazed at what the team;  led by the perfectionist Vienne Odofin put together , interpreting the vision for the ad. To be candid, It was a 24k gold experience . From the set,  guys that set was so gorgeous  I totally forgot I was in Nigeria, we shot somewhere in Ikeja (a secret location) , Nigerias finest  image consultant and designer Jane Michael made my dresses, photography  was by the talented Kola Oshalusi and visuals by Yinka Obebe of RedBox . My make up was by Yinka of TMT_247  and my hair by Kelechi. I was impressed with the attention to detail.
It was a long day on set between shooting stills , visuals and my shots with the wonderful kids I had on set with me. Seeing the finished images was very fulfilling and worth every minute we spent on set.
Watch the BTS video here:
Watch the ad here , watch it to the end🤗🤗
I’m not a skincare expert and this paragraph summarizes the product and its ingredients.
“Formulated with 24K Gold, Omega Complex, Probiotics, Vegeclairine and an effective blend of botanical skin glow agents, this luxurious collection helps renew epidermal cells, diminish the appearance of scars, hyperpigmentation and stretch marks, gradually evens tone and brighten complexion for a more luminous appearance.”
Its safe to say the ingredients will not damage the skin. Google has the answers.
The part I highlighted is the truth and that’s why I fell in love with the serum which is my favorite from the range. I never knew Makari had a prescription and this is indeed an important step in using the products. I mentioned I use my range once or twice a week because the results are very effective. Watch the video on prescriptions here
You can watch my testimonial about the product here
Finally, where can you get the products. I have gotten a truck load of questions on this so here we go.
Authentic Makari ranges are now available at authorized dealers such as Casabella, MedPlus Pharmacy, Kuddy Cosmetics, Konga, Jumia, Valane Cosmetics, Hallmark, Prince Mega Trust, Editrust and Perfect Trust Cosmetics.
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