Why I decided to re-launch my hair extensions business : Hair Sentiments.

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Thanks for coming here, this was meant to be a post on Instagram but it was quite long so I decided to publish it on my website .Enjoy reading

||•• I’ve always had a fascination for hair, maybe because my hair was thick and full as a child or just watching my mom color , cut and install her auburn hair extensions weekly, orrrr my dad who couldn’t stand shiny wigs @fifilouvip do you recall?🤣, I remember him nagging about it to my mom when he came home from work one day, I guess my moms love for great hair made him spot the difference lol.
I remember my buying first hair extension, i can’t recall the brand name @fifilouvip ( will you remind me pls 😩) Human hair was not as popular , it was a bit expensive and natural, I went to bobbys hair salon to have it fixed and had it layered like the late Aaliyah( I was obsessed with layering ) , my uncle @frankosodirichard hooked me up . I was elated.
Fast forward 2009 , I worked as a manager at a human hair extensions company where I got to learn about weaves, it wasn’t as popular as it is now and I couldn’t even afford it then but it was indeed so fascinating and enlightening as well . That also gave me a good insight into how women are invested in how they look especially their hair.
After I left , with my experience and little research, I started buying and selling hair extensions as a side hustle in early 2010 (months before getting on radio) to 2013 when I took a break .Over the years ,human hair extensions industry has experienced a boom but with the boom comes the downside , there are no regulatory bodies to scrutinize what goes in and out of the market . So after a few friends convinced me to go back . I had to start all over again but this time with an extensive research to actually find out what the hair industry is about , also sourcing hair from different countries, I also discovered a lot of things had changed over time .

From terminologies like Slavic hair , Virgin , Raw , Remy , cuticle aligned , steamed, single drawn , double drawn ,grades and so on it definitely can Confuse the heck out of you . For example ,there’s real quality hair from the Hindu temples in India ,Vietnamese hair is amazing but you gotta source right , I found a supplier who retails raw hair at close to $800 and above for a bundle , I was shook but she explained that the donors are limited and she only collects from Slavic countries 😮. There’s Remy hair and there’s Virgin hair (this one got me confused for a long time) the main difference is actually the donor while virgin hair is from a single donor, Remy hair is from multiple donors , they are all human hair but the quality differs . It also all depends on the process , single donor , multiple donors , the process from the raw state to the the finished product phew!!!!! These days any texture (remember the popular Funmi hair? ) can be achieved as the Chinese people aren’t even sleeping on it ! I was shocked to find out that there’s nothing like Brazilian hair even though I have a supplier from there, when I probed him further , he admitted that they actually import from Vietnam😄. Crazy right?

It’s been an amazing journey so I ask myself , why do I want to do this? I’m sentimental and passionate about my hair , I couldn’t even wear wigs because I didn’t like that it looked unnatural on some people so was literally making my hair every week lol, I started wearing them recently and its NOT SO BAD so lets go back to the WHY

I spend money on my hair but there is nothing as frustrating as paying for something that isn’t the right quality or outrightly expensive. I’m doing this because I believe every woman deserves to wear good quality extensions and get value for their money .I will invest in a new weave over and over again if I trust the process and the source , I want to be the go-to-girl for quality hair extensions , just as with every other thing I get involved with , I will introduce you to different textures and will give you a breakdown on what you are buying .

I’m excited to introduce you to @hairsentiments . Been working on this with my sister @fifilouvip for nearly 2 years , I’ve lost money , bought nonsense🤣 and finally I can say I have one of the best in the industry at a reasonable price . My prices are on the page and there are no hidden costs .

Please note Real Virgin hair Is NOT cheap but it should also not be overpriced 🙌🏾 .Transparency is key @hairsentiments , what you see is what you get so if you need a new set of bundles or a wig , choose @hairsentiments today.

I would like to say thank you to Idia Aisien and my sister Tolu Oniwo who insisted I put a face to the brand ,but there are also many people to thank, some have asked me not to do so publicly. I initially wanted to be behind the scenes because I am a bit conservative but I guess passion first . Thank you ladies . Now support a sister and shop @Hairsentiments today because Your Hair….OurSentiments.

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Photography : @Omidephotography
Hair Styling :@ceezystyling
MakeUp : @Dorannebeauty