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Today’s blog post is about the products I’m loving right now. Since I started working closely with my dermatologist, I’m more concerned about what goes into my skin . Beyond the surface , there is indeed more that you can do to achieve the best skin ever .
You still have to start from the basics which i call ‘ECTM’ Exfoliate, Cleanse, Tone & Moisturize. You can never go wrong .
Not like I don’t know this, but do you know that a good nights rest (with the right products  is an easy way to get your skin glowing ?  How many of us get enough sleep ? There was a time I tried it and I saw the results, but happened lol.
I’m still working on the process of getting at least 8 hours of sleep a day . I still struggle with under eye bags and some fine lines but that’s okay . No pressure .
Anyway, here are the products I’m currently using.
You Skin Vitamin C serum by YouSkin ~ I use a few drops as a moisturizer after applying sunscreen and before my makeup. Its important to use a sunscreen to protect your skin . /Check them out here HERE
Cosrx Salicylic Acid  Daily Gentle cleanser . I use this day and night right after aking off my make up, Its deep cleaning and gentle on the skin. Its not drying and a little goes a long way  : I got it on recommendation by Hilary Rodriguez, I was looking for a good cleanser/wash for oily skin but not too drying at the same time . Get it HERE
GLY/SAL 5-2 cleanser : On recommendation by Dr Psalmuel of The Aesthethic Clinic, I got this product, its great for acne prone skin and I use this especially when I have back to back shoots which involves constant makeup application. This product smells like baby soap and I love it lol .  Dr Psalmuel is the man to see if ou have trouble with your skin , trust me on this one and thank me later . Get it HERE
Since I’ve got extra sensitive teeth , the idea of getting my teeth whitened has been thrown out the window…lol , I’ve attempted this twice and I cried my eyes out . When I was much younger , I got the Pearl drops white drops off the shelves at the supermarket, its basically a toothpaste that gently whitens your teeth, I stopped using it for a while and re-discovered it again , at least my teeth isn’t brown .You can get it at any supermarket .
The Jamaican Castor oil is great to keep my hair moisturized and as you all know I recently braided my  hair, I’m terrified i’ll lose  my edges so i’ve been moisturizing my edges (Temple hair) daily using this SOS Hairline from Dark & Lovely .
Finally, I added a new fragrance to my collection, the Oud Ispahan by Christian Dior . This fragrance was launched in 2012 and its so amazing . I got introduced to the fragrance last year by Eve of @theluxeoutlet and its definitely one to have . It’s unisex. top notes include Labdanum, middle notes Patchouli, base notes sandalwood , argan(oud) & rose . Its a powerful fragrance and a little goes a long way .
Do you have any products you are currently using, is there any from the above mentioned, share with me . I hope you enjoyed reading.
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