''Adulting'' 101

Welcome back to my blog and I want to take a moment to welcome all my new followers. I see my stats and i must say , thank you all for being here.
Urban Dictionary defines “adulting” as “to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown ups.
I woke up today slightly overwhelmed by the tasks that lay ahead , (the month is gradually coming to an end , you know what that means, its time to pay the bills..eeeek) and I still have so much to do. Sigh
I went to bed without concluding the tasks for the day as I had to make a decision on a pending project , i couldn’t do that because I was too tired so i kept my laptop aside and made a commitment  to wake up at 5am and get it done and over with. Guess what? This decision making process was all up in my dreams  and I  woke up with it on my mind, i eventually concluded by 7am . Glad that is out of  the way at least for now.
I remember growing up wanting to be 18 so bad, I wanted to be an adult,  make and take decisions , go out and come back whenever I liked, wore whatever I wanted, the list is endless ….guess what i’m doing all that now but errrr … it wasn’t all that I imagined, as a child it just seemed easy , our parents made it look easy , when it was time to pay the bills, boom it was done and this was depicted with so many other responsibilities. Little did i know that this required physical , emotional and mental expertise from my parents . Now I know better. Living and working in a fast-paced city like Lagos doesn’t help either. You sleep and Lagos keeps moving with or without you.
Growing up in Africa is different, there is a pattern, go to school, get a degree, get married , have kids , all before attaining the age of 25. Things are changing now and parents are encouraging children to live their dreams and passion without the status quo. I’m not married and I have no kids lol and I didn’t die but guess what married or not just being an adult is no joke . Single, committed, married ….whatever, adulting takes a good chunk of your sanity and puts you through different scenarios where you win some and lose some .
With everything comes challenges , with words etched in my mind like ”what will be will be”, ”there is a time and season for everything ” I have kept a level head. The best way to keep my sanity in check is to take breaks and breathe, shut down and marinate , then pick up from where I left off, it doesn’t matter who has gone ahead of me. In this day of over exposure, the desire to stay woke, social media antics, relationship drama, ,everybody having an opinion etc etc , its hard to stay sane. The truth is, you have to be an adult, you must grow up and live the experience . It is rewarding and fulfilling to see your dreams come through and your hard work pay off.
Here are a few tips to overcoming the challenges of Adulting.

  1. Its an experience you must go through , accept it wholeheartedly.
  2. Do you , unapologetically
  3. Surround yourself around positive like-minded people
  4. Avoid and disconnect from toxic people
  5. Disappointments, failures must come , but you can overcome anything , heal from it and keep it moving . Its okay to break down but don’t stay down.
  6. Never compare yourself to others.
  7. Take responsibility for your actions,
  8. Get a therapist ( yes , you need one,mental health is as important as your hustle)
  9. Live, travel , explore , dream … you have only one life to live, so LIVE IT
  10. Pray

I hope this works for you as it has worked for me, you can also share with me how you are dealing with being an adult in the comment section. My look today is a combination of 2 Nigerian brands. You all know how much I love white shirts , not just any white shirt but something with some detail and this white shirt from Rekana.Co is the perfect shirt, i paired it with a demin skirt patched with ankara from HouseofIrawo
Photography : BannexPhotography
See you in my next post.
Love & Light + Remain stylish 🙂