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Angels on earth…How about them?

Sometime last year, on Twitter I talked about my very good friend (no strings attached) I run to anytime i got confused or just literally need to rant when the world seems to be totally against me ....or just when things aren't going as planned. So lets call him ' J ' for the purpose… Continue reading Angels on earth…How about them?

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Doing it afraid .

  As the title of this posts suggests "Do it afraid " .... It's easier said than done know, someone once said to me " When it scares you , then something is right " . Don't get me wrong , it depends on what really scares you actually lol . Fear is more like… Continue reading Doing it afraid .

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Friday morning musings …

Hey .... It's me again🤗 ; I should start by saying thank you so much for the outpour of love on my birthday , what a remarkable day..... I was overwhelmed; at some point I even cried because it was just so wonderful. ❤️ Any way I just wanted to share this amazing video from Pastor T.D… Continue reading Friday morning musings …

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Make prayer the first resort

Hey guys, before I sleep I would love to share my thoughts on an article I just read by Joyce Meyer . It's very powerful , I'm in bed thinking about something that's bothering me , I'm fighting it so badly and my soul is just so restless , I needed the answers right away… Continue reading Make prayer the first resort