A decade in MEDIA , 6 shades of Kaylah & Giving back


July 1, 2010 was my official resumption date at Cool FM exactly 10 years ago, I recall being excited and nervous that, I had finally gotten my dream job after years of auditioning especially at Cool FM, I had just returned from a nice vacation with my family, almost over a year after we suffered a major loss in my family…my DAD, Navy Commander Christopher Abiodun Oniwo (RTD), passed away in June 2009, he didn’t live long enough to see his baby girl shine, God took him earlier than we hoped but we are grateful. May his gentle soul Rest in peace forever.

First day at Work : July 1 , 2010.
Location: Cool FM Production Studio

Its 3:35am here in Lagos Nigeria as I type this, reflecting on how far I have come, a decade, 10 whole years, It has been a journey, one I would dare NOT trade for anything. I am a work in progress when it comes to giving myself a pat on the back, it always feels like I’m never satisfied, always wanting more; while that is fair, it’s definitely one of the greatest lessons I’ve learnt, being fair to myself, but most importantly, saying “well done Kaylah , you are doing well lol (in Mcmacaroni’s voice). I Currently host the drive time show ROAD SHOW LAGOS on COOL FM every weekday from 3-6pm.

I had planned something to mark this milestone but due to Covid 19, plans changed. I was led in my heart to celebrate differently so please keep reading to find out how I intend to go about this . The industry has been kind to me but just as expected, it showed me some tough times ,that pushed me to do better even though there were times it made me feel incompetent.


In a recent interview, I opened up about not being recognized enough for my work, I felt that I was overlooked a number of times for whatever reason; sometimes I had to work even harder to prove myself, I would be denied a job because I didn’t have a clique(whatever that means), or not being at the “right place at the right time”, I watched jobs being handed to others because I wasn’t controversial enough, I had no backstory, no family name, I was too private with my relationship, I had no accent, I was too conservative, I could go on anD on with the list but that’s life ,and while all of these happened, some amazing brands aligned with me in the most organic way , they said “We like her like that” and I am grateful for them. I am grateful for people who followed my brand from day and are still here urging me to do more.

July 2019
9 years later
Location : Main Studio , COOL FM


Over the span of 10 years, i experienced growth paced as a result of hardwork and Gods divine intervention and grace; it was important that I highlighted my wins. In July 2019, the amazing Public relations expert, Shayo Osinbowale from The VA company created a campaign called “6 Shades of Kaylah” .The aim of the campaign was to showcase 6 different sides of my personality that have evolved over the years from being just a radio girl to someone who enjoys being an MC hosting events, becoming a beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger and an influencer with major brands.
We shot these images and i worked with an incredible team on this.

MAKE-UP : @CassKoncepts1
CAFE JADE :@cafejadelagos
COOL FM STUDIOS: @coolfmlagos

Last year, I set up my hair extensions company , HAIR SENTIMENTS to explore my entrepreneurial side once again with my sister Ifeoma Tolu Oniwo ,out of my love and passion for hair extensions. I wrote about it HERE


To mark this incredible milestone, I have chosen to partner with BRMC (BROADCAST RADIO MASTER CLASS) owned by my outstanding Media personality friend ,Fola Folayan, a trained media personality and radio host ,to sponsor 10 aspiring media personalities by paying for their courses, to kick start their career in radio. Due to COVID 19, the classes will be available only online .

To apply for the scholarship, simply click on this link APPLY AT BRMC and fill the form. We will pick the best 10 . Congratulations to my best 10 candidates.

I will also be speaking on Sunday . See details below


On a final note ,it is often said, “Experience is the BEST teacher”. My 10-year experience in media has taught me many things and I will share them with the hope that it will inspire someone out there. I have a lot but will keep it at 10 just to be cheesy and align with what I am celebrating.

1. BE YOU – The most cliché statement in the history of the world but guess what? It works.
2. NEVER GIVE UP – Because there will be times you will say “I can’t do this anymore ”
3. HAVE A VOICE – This took me a while, but I’m happy I eventually did. You must speak up for what you want , what you stand for, and fearlessly too.
4. BE PROFESSIONAL – Being professional has kept me going for 10 solid years, I am not perfect but that’s what comes to my mind anytime I have to engage any client.
5. LEARN HOW TO SAY NO – The hustle is real, but you must value your time and craft. When it doesn’t align with your brand and purpose, please decline.
6. NEVER COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYONE – Comparison never gets you anywhere, this is tough because even people will compare you to others, the media , brands, fans and so on and so forth, you must stay strong and true to who you are .
8. BE IMPACTFUL – Give your time, craft to a good cause.
10.WORK ON YOURSELF – There is no harm in re-creating/re-inventing yourself.

Bonus – Make mistakes, be ready to fall, laugh at yourself, and NEVER put people down in a bid to get ahead, document the process, take pictures and make videos.


I want to say THANK YOU to my mom & biggest fan, Princess Gladys Oniwo, my sister FIFI , my brother, Chris aka Marley,my nephews Damian & Rohan, my friends(my circle), I love you guys so much, I cannot thank you enough , my clients, colleagues, followers on all social media platforms, my listeners, and everyone who has been part of my journey and Thank you COOL FM for giving this young starry eyed girl a chance .I hope my story inspires you to go after your dreams, they are just as VALID as mine . Have an amazing day and cheers to many more years. xoxo

Kaylah Oniwo