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Sleek Studio Review x Giveaway

Hi Guys,

Welcome back to my blog . It’s the month of June and i’m super stoked for whats to come . I have a big announcement so look out for that. Today, I’ll be reviewing specific skin care products from Sleek Studio. You know how big I am on Skincare so lets get right into it.

I was introduced to Sleek studio Skincare range about 2 years ago by the founder Dr Ebele Ugochukwu, MD of Sleek Studio Ltd,  do you remember Sleek Makeup? yep she runs that in addition to the Sleek Studio skin care range. She obtained her medical degree from the University of Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria and a diploma in practical dermatology from University of Cardiff Wales. She has experimented extensively with different skin care formulations and brands.Her qualifications and years of experience led to her interest and devotion to cosmetic dermatology.

She was a guest on my radio show #CatwalkwithKaylah (you can watch and listen via or tune in to 96.9 Cool Fm every Thursday by 5pm ) ,we talked about skincare and I was given the products to try . It was 10 in all and I was like whoa….. that’s a lot but I gave it a shot because once again, my skin is reactive and I was happy to try , I recall going on a trip to Abuja at the time , so i ditched what I was using and went off with the entire range seen below.

The 10 Skincare range from Sleek Studio

My favorite products from the Sleek Studio Range.

It has to be these 3 below

  1. A dab of Lightening .
  2. Scrub away my troubles
  3. Come clean
My favorite from the range
  1. A dab of lightening

If you love serums (not everybody does) , you would love ‘The dab of Lightening’ ; with ingredients like Witch Hazel Extract and Kojic Acid just to mention a few. I once read that Kojic acid  functions primarily as a skin-lightening agent popular within the celebrity culture, this powerful ingredient assists in the exfoliation of dead skin cells, removing oil, dirt, and organisms that might be thriving on the skin. I alos .  It brightens the skin , however if you are looking to lighten your skin, you wouldn’t achieve anything with this because I find it works with your natural skin tone.

I use 4 – 6 drops for my face and neck at night after a toning the skin , the resultant effect is a healthy glow in the morning .

I apply about 4 drops at night before i sleep. It retails at 3,350 naira only

2. Scrub Away my troubles

After my chat with Dr Ebele, i realized that its indeed essential to incorporate a scrub/exfoliation into your skin care routine . What it does is eliminate a dull appearance revealing a lovely natural glow, it also allows products like moisturizer and serums absorb quickly and work effectively on the skin . I recall asking Dr Ebele how many times i should exfoliate and her response was everyday (i stand corrected but i’m certain that’s what she said hehe) . Personally, I exfoliate twice a week but Fridays are set aside for a full body steam and exfoliation process to get me prepared for the weekend.

“Scrub away your troubles” is a Mineral Peel 100% natural ingredient facial scrub  with ingredients like Sea Salt(i tasted it, lmaooooo)  , Honey extract, Lime oil, just to mention a few . I love this scrub so much because its inexpensive and it works like magic. If you have sensitive skin like mine you will love it, because you get to scrub with felling like you used iron sponge on your face. It also leaves a “Just got out of the SPA scrub feel”

My tip : if you want a very vigorous scrub apply directly to bare skin and massage, but if you want to keep it mild , you can dampen the skin a bit before applying. It gives a squeaky clean feel when rinsed off .

You can use this daily or less . Its 3,000 naira only

3. Come Clean

This is a gentle cleansing foam with Green Tea extract. Its Sulphate free and gets rid of make up fast If you are too lazy to wipe off the make up first , you can wash with this about 2 or 3 times with a few pumps, It strips off make up like magic. Personally I use this after taking out my make up with wipes , Its amazing because each pump comes out in a Foam/lather form that’s goes straight from your palm to your face , Its deep cleansing and mild on the skin too which is why its my top pick from the range

image2 (1)
Come Clean 3,000 naira only
sleek 3
Your goody bag and contact information for Sleek Studio

THE BIG GIVEAWAY ( #KaylahxSleekStudioGiveaway)

I have decided to gift one of my readers with a full set of all the products valued at almost 40,000 as seen in the picture which includes my 3 favorite products from the range . You have to be a lover of skin care .

Step 1. Follow my blog , My Instagram (@kaylahoniwo) page and Sleek Studio Instagram Page (@sleekstudiong)

Step 2. Share with me why you need these products and your current skin care routine .

Step 3. Paste your answers on the post on Instagram and as a comment on this blog and finally wait on me to announce the winner.

Congratulations in advance and good luck

Chat soon

Kaylah Oniwo

22 thoughts on “Sleek Studio Review x Giveaway

  1. Wowww ! I want to win, I would like to try these products, I usually see it on the shelves at supermarkets , must be great for the skin.


  2. Gooday kaylah. I need these products because I want a healthier and glowing skin. Achieving this is not so easy, as I’m yet to be able to afford this range of skin care products.. I love to take care of my skin. My skin care regime involves exfoliating with sugar, coffee, honey and coconut oil scrub made by me.. Then I follow by rubbing lemons onto my skin and leave for few minutes.. Shower with warm water there after. I actually need these beauty range because following my normal regime can be tiring and I’m not getting quick results. I just want a spot free and glowing skin. It’s not so easy maintaining a very fair skin as mine. Mosquitoes bites leave spots on it. Oh Kayla I would be so glad If I’m picked for this giveaway


  3. Hello my super sexy hero…thanks for your eye opening/interesting posts…I sincerely would love love to win the sleek beauty routine goody bag,because am a hopeless freak when it comes to my skin and that obsession has landed me on some wrong products in the past…presently I don’t apply anything both on body and face…I just bath twice day and that’s all and just wipe my face ..coz am not realy in to makeup …I love my skin bright and healthy ..please please this is the 6th mnth make me smile and it will give me so much joy


  4. Hi Kayla! This blog post just gives me so much joy. I love good, even tone skin and I’ve been working on achieving this for myself since 2015. I have tried soaps, milks and so on but my skin hasn’t been yielding. I have quite oily skin and I’ve not still gotten what works best for me. My skin care regimen involves washing with black soaps, exfoliating with sugar and herbal products, moisturizing and so on (tbh my skin regimen has changed from time to time). Of course I’d love to win this. Xo!


  5. I am currently using Beauty Formulas™ Tea Tree Exfoliating Facial Wash and Clean and Clear™ Makeup Removal every morning and the same during the night. I have been searching high and low for the perfect exfoliators but haven’t been successful. I have still been feeling roughness and oiliness on my face. To the topic of makeup, there have been brands I have used but have actually never found the perfect colour to match my skin. As a dark coloured female this is an essential I seem to be lacking. By winning your products I may have found the perfect match for myself. This would be a dream come true to test your products and if all goes well, to continue to be a purchaser of your products. Thank you for this amazing opportunity. Lawal Ozeinat Olamide. Thanks again.


  6. Good day Kaylah.
    I need these products most especially A dab of lightning because I have a very oily skin and it would help and act as an oil control, also the come clean is great product for me because I have an acne prone skin and the green extract would do an amazing job in the treatment of acne.
    My current skin routine involves cleansing, exfoliate,, use a mud mask and moisture and I try to always use a sunscreen
    I would be so overwhelmed if I get to be picked to win the giveaway 😘😘😘😘


  7. Good evening Kayla.I really need these products cause I want a glowing and healthy skin.Am on the light side but for a while now have not been able to achieve that look,am almost getting dark and am not happy about that,have tried using some products but to no avail and some others are expensive to purchase for now.for now my skin care routine is exfoliating,cleaning and mosturing.I use an home made sugar scrub,black soap,coconut oil and rose water.You will be helping a soul if I win this.Thanks alot for this opportunity.


  8. Hey there, greetings.
    I have oily/acne prone skin. It’s always big trouble for me finding suitable products for my skin because oily skin is “problem skin” and products for oil balancing are not that “affordable” as I’m a student.
    At the moment, I use beauty formula blackhead clearing scrub and clean and clear blackhead cleanser. Oh yes! I forgot to mention, my oily skin breeds black head too! I would love to try out new products and especially as you’ve done a review on this one, it might just suit me if I win.

    I love your blog. Ps- I just followed (I write on wordpress too!


  9. Hi kaylah.I really need these products cause I want a healthy and glowing skin.Am on the light side but for a while now have not been able to achieve that look,am almost getting dark and am not happy about that,have tried using some products but to no avail and some others are expensive to purchase for now.for now my skin care routine is exfoliating,cleansing and mosturing.I use an homemade sugar scrub,black soap,coconut oil and rose will helping a soul of I win this.Thanks alot for this opportunity.


  10. Hi Kayla, Honestly I need this product because I have been finding it difficult getting the perfect product for my skin. I have really dry and sensitive skin and because of that I just stick to naturals like coconut oil and the rest for now. After a long day, I just come back and have my bath maybe wipes for my face… Would really love to try the ‘scrub away your troubles’ especially and see how it transforms my face and have that glow you mentioned… Thank you ☺️


  11. Hi Kaylah, I’m excited seeing this post 😁 and I ll love to win. I once won a sleek skincare goody bag in a giveaway by you and I was excited and couldn’t wait to try out the “protect me, restore me” sunscreen but I was unable to get the goody bag because of my location 😟 But I wouldn’t mind winning again. I have a normal to dry skin, my current skincare regimen includes black soap mixed with some fruits and honeyfor bathing (it’s not all that for me but my skin reacts to plenty soaps so i am stuck with this option, for now), Clarins gentle foaming cleanser as facial wash, oriflame sugar scrub for exfoliating, Rose water, Clarins Iris toner, Clarins hydraquench cream as moisturiser and finally coconut oil for the body. These products are lovely but I’m still stuck with an uneven skin tone especially on my face and back and it’s a bit frustrating. I ll love to win Kaylah because right now, I’m interested in trying out new products on my skin Which I hope will help with an even skin tone but I can’t afford that change at the moment. 😊


  12. Lovely review, with all you’ve said its like am already using the product. I really do want this product. Its rare for you to get a review of a skincare product, you analysis was spot on and it goes a long way in telling me the things i don’t do. For my skincare routine, i scrub twice a week (my face and neck) and i use my toner afterwards. I try to a deep bath once a week over the weekend which leaves my skin feeling funny due to the fact that i do not know what product is good and what product isnt. I hope i will this giveaway as i have never won a freebie. Thanks


  13. Kayluv thks for this opportunity,I have a very nice complexion but my face isn’t saying the same thing,my frdz will see my legs and hand and they Will be looking for the face that comes with it lol.I ve used olay cleansing milk, olay beauty fluid which I use presently,with the soap and baths and even the cream,I’ve used saint Ives scrub,the bathe and lotion nothing o,and also Neutrogena range,help a sister biko


  14. My face is darker,oily with spot from the past pimples I manage to cure.hmm is DAT bad.


  15. I would have loved my skin. It doesn’t scar easily, even when I get the most horrific bruises or injuries. I want to love my skin, but I’m afraid I don’t know how. It’s dry and oily at the same time.

    I have used the whole arsenal of oil control skin care products – scrub, cleanser, facial wash and prescription creams to no avail. I have adjusted and modified my diet so many times. Even the shine remover app on my phone doesn’t work for me. My face is so oily that I don’t even want to use make-up anymore. I am not confident to even take a group photograph. I have to take a selfie almost 20 times before I pick the one that is manageable and delete the rest.

    My feet nko? My feet get so dry and scaly sometimes. Thank God that I at least have hot legs.

    I would love to win this awesome package because my face is in need of a life line. The skin on my face looks old and tired. I want to be able to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see.


  16. Hi Kaylah, I’d love to win these products because of all the lovely things you mentioned about them. You talked about how good the “scrub away my troubles” is for sensitive skin? My skin is sentisitive raised to the power of two! 😭..Lol. for this reason, my skincare routine has really been simple.I use mild facial cleansers (because sensitive skin), then, I use a face toner-rose water, then a moisturizer, I use the Eden face and body scrub 2-3times a week… just so I do not upset my skin any further and I’m usually really skeptical about skincare products.(anyone with sensitive skin would understand the struggle). Winning these products would be a blessing..


  17. Well my skin care routine include scrubing with salt bath and i use apricot scrub afterward. After my bath i apply vaseline lotion sometimes i use coconut oil. I try as much as possible to do this twice a month. Really dont know if am doing this right or not sha!!!😑😑 but with this freebie i believe i can finally have an even skin tone !!!


  18. Hello kaylah, I would really love to win these products because from your amazing review I believe it will do wonders on my ‘confused’ skin and I can’t afford it even if I wanted to get it and it will be great for an early birthday present as my birthday is June 11 lol. Thank you😊


  19. Hi,I just got back from school yesterday so I wasn’t opportuned to listen to u guyz last week but the review you made really made me like the products because I trust you in terms of skincare products.
    I didn’t even have data,I just had to subscribe to know what’s up on social media and I saw it on your page.
    I will really love to win those products,I’ve nt tried any products on my skin aside from my normal cream but as at now,I’m using Shea butter. And my skin is rily damaged,so rough and not good looking,blemishes and acne.
    I’ve always love your skin and wished my skin can be like yours but financial constraint.. Lol
    My skin is very oily and sensitive and I will really like to use the sleek products because I’ve always known that sleek products are good for oily skin.
    Tanks and God bless.


  20. I attended Dr Ebere’s seminar last month and I learnt a lot .She inspired and motivated. I was admiring her skin. I am dark but wish to be glowing and healthy. My sky is dry and my black is kinda dirty. I asked for the price of the products that day but I can’t afford this 😢. I’ll be happy and forever grateful if I win this giveaway. Thank you!! Kween patsy on Instagram


  21. I will love to win these because I am dire need of a total skincare transformation. I lost a loved one few months ago and stopped paying attention to my skin after the incident and right now my skin is really bad now. I m ready to start taking care of my skin again and will love to use Sleek skincare products to resuscitate my skin. I used Sleek skincare products some years ago when I had hyper pigmentation and breakouts and it really worked for me. Presently my skincare routine is washing my face with a mild facial soap and using African Blacksoap on my body . I do these both morning and night. I use Neutrogena moisturizer with SPF 50 on my face and coconut oil on my body in the morning. I will really love to win these products.


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