Monster-In-Law :)

I was watching Jackie Aina’ MUA, snap story (i’m sure you all know that MUA stands for Makeup Artiste since this trended last week lol)  and she was talking about nosey , after watching an episode of RHOA or so , cant remember the show. She made a comment saying , “If you are dating a guy, who has older sisters and he’s the youngest, forget about it, you can never be enough”. (she actually stressed she was not being completely serious but kinda serious lol, she’s just a joker). While I agree with some of her points, I disagree with the part where she said ‘You can never be enough’.
That got me thinking though, I have a younger brother whom I love and care about lol and he has two sisters boom! I genuinely can’t wait to be a sister-in-law sef heheheh . I recall meeting a lady last year who said to me that she and my brother were friends but i didn’t quite approve their friendship because I figured she was bad influence . Even though I didn’t recall this incident out rightly, i’m super sure she was ,because she admitted , adding that she would have done the same…. fam , this was primary school days o! I gotta look out for my blood yo and he’s so handsome, all the girls keep flocking .What did i even know then chai lmao! I struggled hard to playback because my memory sucks and I had vague memories about the lady tryna make my brother do things he shouldn’t be doing at his age yo …don’t know if she was the same one.hehehe.
I’m not going to lie and say I’ve never disapproved  a relationship but I didnt disrespect the lady involved . I wasn’t pretentious but I wasn’t nasty either, I just minded my business yo. Jokes aside, I think its only proper to respect your siblings relationship and know that as much as they love you, there will always be that one person that their world revolves around and its not your place to compete for attention or put them down at every stance .Some people even try to run the relationship, IS IT YOUR RELATIONSHIP??? I try to put myself in their shoes as well and would do anything to make her feel comfortable as long as my brother is happy,like why would I be competing with someone that makes his heart flutter..chai, I’ll lose na, can’t even stand being a bitter person, but trust me I’m that sister in law that will take you to the Spa, go shopping, gist like buddies and all that fun stuff and if you are not up for it, i’ll just mind my business, It’s safe to say I will be the best Sister-in-law in the land lmao! I can’t wait.
But then again, what IF, the girl get plenty whahala, or you have a GUT feeling about her that doesn’t sit well?Will you just keep quiet (like our ex first lady suggested “will you keep kwayetttttt” or do something about it.)
Are you a Monster sister-in-law (or you may not know)
or you know one,
or you just cannot be bothered.
let’s talk!!!