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Saturday 21st January 2017

Time :5:20pm

Lagos Nigeria

Some hours ago , I went to the Pharmacy to get my mom’s medication. I was making a U-turn out of the estate when I spotted a Toyota Camry driving towards me with great speed, a little panicked, I quickly tried to get out of the way, the car  didn’t slow down and as soon as he got a chance , he drove off. “Where is this one running to with so much speed eh…in an estate!!!!!” I muttered angrily under my breath. Suddenly, the driver slowed down and parked almost in the middle of the road, jumped out of his car, and staggered out of the car into a nearby supermarket, I was so shocked because he was drunk at just a few minutes past 5 plus the oncoming vehicles were not able to go ahead, what was more shocking was the fact that not only was he driving under the influence, there was another man in the car who proceeded to the driver’s seat to move the vehicle, while we impatiently honked our horns to hasten his movement.

The drunk driver staggered back to his car which had been moved away from the road, i drove off, still trying to make out what I had just seen unaware of what was to come. I decided to make a quick stop at the ATM , i had parked my car for a few minutes , sorting out only God knows what before jumping out of my car, only to see this same drunken man charging towards a lady… I was so scared because I knew he was drunk , he was screaming at her repeatedly saying, “I told you not to leave the house and you didn’t listen”, she stood up to him face to face not speaking but there was something numb about her that made me worry, meanwhile people were just passing by like nothing was happening, he kept shouting ,grabbed her face and pulled her cheeks rather harshly, there was a bit of a scuffle, I spotted a gentleman and begged him to intervene , I told him the man was drunk and could possibly harm the lady.

The gentleman (he was very helpful) went over, hugged the man and asked him to calm down, I went over and pleaded as well.The woman said

“I will leave your house, I don’t want again”

There was a little scuffle between them, she took off her ring and walked off angrily saying “Your ring is on the floor” . The man, obviously drunk shouted back at her and told her he was going to beat her, I quickly looked for the ring, and picked it up, the man charged at me saying, “It’s her ring, throw it away now!”  I calmly told him to calm down. The gentleman and I kept pacifying him, even though he was drunk (I had confirmed this as he reeked of Alcohol) I couldn’t help but see pain in his eyes, just as I saw with the lady (she seemed broken and defeated) . It was so heartbreaking.

Out of nowhere, the man who was seated at the passenger’s side earlier showed up from no where ,he was threatening the drunk man , he asked me to hand the ring over to him which I did, then he continued shouting at the drunk man ,threatening to beat him up, he told the drunken man to get into the car, I told him it was impossible to let him drive but he insisted, they got into the car and drove off …The gentleman I asked to help me intervene quietly asked me if I was married , I said no, he said “Does this make you scared, I said no , and we parted ways, I kept wondering what had gone wrong, I imagined that the couple might have been inseparable at one point and now they cannot see eye to eye, the image of the womans face never left my face, I hope all is well with them….

4 thoughts on “Broken

  1. Well, most married ladies I know kinda regret getting married. They keep saying if they had known, they would have remained single. Marriage is over hyped.


  2. Hey kaylah I saw your tweet from last night and then I just read this post . I’ve been married for 6 years and there are times I just want to give up but I dare say to you , pls don’t give up, for all you know , those two will come back together or it may be truly over . God help us .


  3. Yes marriage is overhyped. I hope God pulls them through this phase. Again, we singles need to be super ready for any drama that marriage will bring before making any decision to settle down. Big ups mama Kayla


  4. Hey Kaylah,
    I am glad you alongside that gentleman intervened. Life as i understand is mystery, full of unexplainable situations. Our utmost prayer daily should be strength for patience and guidance to choose right.


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