Formal lessons

I wanted to be an accountant simply because my dads sister ,would come visiting after  work in her skirt suit looking beautiful, she had natural long hair ,her edges always snatched, her makeup though often times minimal but her lip color was always popped .

She once visited in a burnt orange suit with  orange lipstick to match , her hair  was in a bun and dope ass court shoes. My mom is a fashion designer, so i grew up watching her cut , sew , make patterns , illustrate ,among many other things , she is the most stylish woman till date :),  I absorbed all this when I was about  6 years old  , then I made up my mind to study accounting so I would rock all these baffs and my mom would make them for me .(imagine that).I didnt even know what it took to be an accountant. I figured I’ll just be smart and be a power dresser.


Of course, I grew up and discovered ACCA and radio and other stuff lol. I thought of my Aunty when I put this look together, If i worked in a formal environment, I definitely wouldn’t have been a boring dresser, no way . Today’s look is basically me at work and after work (jacket unbuttoned )to have some cocktails. I love the fact that this mini jacket can be belted up to create that chic look that accentuates your waist .The choice of a white shirt is appropriate for the work environment otherwise, I could have easily thrown a colored shirt or,T-Shirt , a pair of jeans and heels or sneakers . I love the versatility of the jacket .

How would you rock this look?

Scroll for more pictures and info on the look.


Thanks for stopping by.

Shirt : Asos

Jacket : Maju

Pants : High waist pants from St. Genevieve

Shoes : Dune London

Sunglasses : Dapmod

Photography : @Bannex_Photography


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