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Skin Treats (update)

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Welcome back to this lovely space . Can I take a moment to thank all the people who keep refreshing this page ? Okay, thank you thank you . The reception has been amazing especially when it comes to my personal style . I appreciate the love .

Today , I want to update you on my skin care routine . Since you asked , keep reading . I believe you must have read my post on some products I got last year Skin Care Products , I still have use some while with others I’ve discontinued use , not because they aren’t good , I just find that I don’t really need them .

I’m totally feeling the Makari 24k gold collection .It is a combination of the body lotion (that’s my second bottle which is more than half way down) , the 24k soap and the serum . I started using this product in October 2016 ..Read here Makari 24K Rose Gold  .As I speak, I have a full set of top up because I never want to run out. Here is why I like this product, It does not bleach the skin so you can’t move from 0-100, instead I noticed a boost &  more even tone complexion .  The only downside to the lotion was it doesn’t come with a pump so i had to use one from my previous body lotion. Hopefully , they will look into that.

The Makari Gold Rose 24k set includes the body lotion , lightening serum and the soap .


I do not use the products everyday because I also use natural skin care products like  Shea butter , coconut oil most of the time which are excellent for the skin. I use my Makari Gold set 2 times a week . I’m actually convinced that this product works , it doesn’t bleach (my greatest fear ) . It just balances out your natural skin tone and gives a natural well rested glow .

Im still hooked with the Rahda beauty Vitamin serum and the newly acquired eye gel. This will be my 3rd bottle of Vitamin C serum so I’m sold .


I was introduced to Milagroo skin care products by my good friend and of all the things we got , i’m very fascinated by the Essential Natural oil . It smells amazing . I use this after every bath and all I need is just a tiny little portion which goes a long way . I also got the Milagroo black soap and Shea butter which was whipped with natural oils. The products from Milagroo is so rich you can tell they are indeed passionate about their brand. The only downside for me is the packaging , I don’t have it anymore, It comes in a cute can, that needs to stay open slightly otherwise you need something to open it, (imagine a can of Baby food or powdered milk)


And finally, I have a big jar of Midori Wonders Avocado Shea butte mix!!!! Father lord, this product is amazing, its soft and lush and Honestly if I were to recommend any Shea butter Mix it will have to be from these 3 brands. In the jar below is a mix of all 3 brands Shea butter mix lol!!!!!! Trust me its simply the best. You don’t have to mix it, I just wanted to reduce the amount of jars on my table. The most exciting thing is that they are all Nigerian Brands.

  1. Milagroo
  2. MadamOri Skin Care
  3. Midiori Wonders                                                                                                                              These 3 brand have got me thinking , they are so innovative . I can tell that they have carefully selected the ingredients they mix into the jar. I use their products for my hair as well.


That’s my update on Skincare, For soaps , my primary soap is Black soap, and I use the Makari Gold 24k, Midori Wonders Eucalyptus soap as well. Hope you enjoyed reading. More updates coming soon on cleanser and Facewash.


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@MakariOfficialNigeria – Note, there are a lot of fake Makari products in Nigeria, You can get original makari products at any Kuddy Cosmetic Store nationwide

@kuddycosmetics @IyaOlajang or

The Rahda beauty serum can be purchased at @youtopiabeauty on Instagram

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