You love shoes? Watch this

I love shoes, but I love bags better, then I fell in love with shoes all over again after watching Iconic French shoe designer Christian Louboutin share trade secrets and more at the Dubai Mall Fashion lecture in 2015. Very Inspiring.


  • He started his company with 2 of his best friends and they work together till date.
  • His brand is 25 years old.
  • He never sets a goal.
  • He does not like Social Media Personally because he is shy.
  • Most of his inspiration comes from his sister.
  • He does not advertise.
  • His inspiration from shoes were Female dancers.
  • Before designing a collection, he goes away to a place that reflects the collection . Summer collection is created during summer, or Winter collection during Winter or in a cold place .
  • When your brand is built organically, you stand out and stay in the game for a long time

Watch and enjoyΒ Christian Louboutin Fashion LectureΒ .

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