Beauty Look.

I have a on-off relationship with make-up , you may not agree with me if you see my dressing table lol. Yesterday i decided to take a picture when I was done ‘beating’ my face. My preference is always a nude clean beat, I’m not a fan of eye-shadows so I rarely use them . I love lashes and I often times wear the individual ones because I really don’t like strips.

For this look, I used Nigerian brands Yangabeauty Browvolution and Hegai and Esther Dip Brow . For my eyes , I used Cacoa powder from Maybelline and for my lips , I lined with a regular dark brown pencil, followed up with a Hegai and Esther Lipstick in Melanin and finished off with a Nude lipstck from Maybelline.  You like it ?



Lots of Love.


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