Blue,Orange & a birthday post:)

Hey guys ,

Its my birthday today !!!! Yay! 22nd January 2017 and I am 17 today hehehe! , How are you? I hope 2017 is looking good already. So, i’m going to open up a bit here. I’ve finally caved in to the pressure of blogging about my personal style as part of my 2017 goals. Quite a number of you have asked me via social media about my personal style and why i never take pictures of my look , well the answer is I’m quite shy(hard to believe) but guess what , I’m pushing myself for you …. so here goes the first post on my style. I’m a tomboy but i also like to play dress up. I love being comfortable and often times, being comfortable can be a boring so i try to switch it up with accessories and colour.

As much as I love a good pair of jeans, the humid Nigerian weather makes me not want to wear them . I love a perfect pair of jeans, preferably cut in skinny high waist simply because i cant deal with a butt crack. Most of my jeans come that way. I’m a size 10 – 12 so i struggled very hard getting a pair of boyfriend jeans because my waist is too small for my hips (story for another day).

Today’s look is typically what i look like most times. Jeans , T-Shirt /SweatShirt/Sneakers.The entire outfit details will be found at the bottom . Hope you love the pictures . I’m proud to say I’ve kicked off my Style blog, thanks for the encouragement. I did it!!! Yay!!!!!

This dress top from Nigerian brand Maju can be worn without the jeans



Top : ShopMaju  —->  Shop here

Jeans : MisKayBoutique —-> via Instagram

Shoes: Puma (purchased at ElanRedStore)

Bag:  Ankara bag . I got them from a Nigerian brand Iconola . Not sure of the brand name (for the bag)but it was so cute I had to get one.

Photography : Bannex_Photography

Hope you loved them. Share your thoughts below.



15 thoughts on “Blue,Orange & a birthday post:)

  1. Cool is to let your fans no things about you we love it and appreciate it God bless you but there one thing I need from you I like to meet you in person as one of my great 📻 presenter, thanks


  2. Happy happy birthday darling Kaylah!
    Wishing you every bliss!
    May your days ahead be greater than you imagine, wishing you good health, happiness and above all, lots of love.
    Ayo Elizabeth Olaogun


  3. Love it! Happy Birthday beautiful! Wishing you more years of fulfilling life, optimal health, and God’s will and Hand to remain on you constantly. Yay for your style blog! Keep up the great work!


  4. Happy Birthday Super lady Kaylah… So sorry it’s coming late …but is better late than never right…
    Do have a Blessed 2017… Enjoy Sis Cheers…
    Least I forget… You love Orange…. Suits your skin though…
    Love you… ❤❤❤


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