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Hi guys,

Soooooo! Last week Tuesday  Bidemi  from LSF PR invited me for the @makariofficialnigeria launch of the Makari Rose 24kGold premium skincare collection . If you know me , I’m very open about trying products , my skin will respond in no time , I know Makari , I’ve seen it on shelves anytime I walk into a beauty supply store.I remember when it was the most talked about skin care range. Interestingly I’ve never used it before so I attended the event eager to hear about this product from the actual representatives 🤔.


The brand representative Mireille Gnoleba talked us through  Makari as a brand and about  this particular 24k collection, I learnt that due to the success of this new totally natural breakthrough formulation, Makari is working on equally safe and natural skin rejuvenation with all other ranges ;when it was time for the Q and A session , I raised my hands like your typical annoying ‘I too know’ in secondary school 🙋🏽‍♂️ to ask my question , it was direct … Does Makari BLEACH ?🤔I asked?

They took their time to explain the different range of products available  And what it will do for the skin depending on what you want to achieve. It’s up to you really. It definitely does  brighten #Honest

I gathered that it will treat skin discoloration and other issues without damaging your skin like products that contain steriods like hydroquinone, it’s a natural skincare line with  ingredients like yogurt extract , Shea butter , salicylic  acid ,  root extract just to mention a few ..

Moments later I went to the stand to learn more  and still asked her so what’s so amazing about this particular collection stressing  ,’ I don’t want to bleach ooooo,  she smiled , confidently gave me her card and said call me when you because I know you will not be disappointed and this  will NOT bleach your skin…. you will definitely glowwww✨✨✨✨✨ . Then I asked again , what about ladies with a darker skin tone ,hope it won’t bleach them , she assured me it wouldn’t 😅

I have only used this product for 3 days. It’s not greasy and settles into the skin quite smoothly , fragrance isn’t overpowering , you  need a little product to see results . I’ve been stressed lately and my skin has been a bit dull , (happens all the time ) but so far so good my face feels plum and fresh


Too soon for a review you might ask ??? That’s what I thought until  yesterday  when I was at a friends office ,no makeup, nothing at all and guess what he said when I sat right in front of him  ? Are you just coming from the SPA ? I was like no, am I looking sleepy or dull 🙄😏,he said errrmmmm did you polish your skin  😳😳, I was like nooo, 😂😂, he said your skin is glowing o , are you in love 🙄😐😩😂. I was like nooooo, so I can’t just glow abi😂😂. … I woke up like this 😂 and in my mind I was like 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 I’m glowing o. PS: he’s not the type that pays compliments unnecessarily so i take his words very seriously.

Anyway that’s the story of my experience with this product , so far so good , I’ve been impressed , @makariofficialnigeria gave me a few days to glow before my next event , it’s day 3 😂 what can I say , for those of you on Snapchat that have run off to purchase yours ! Enjoy . I’m going to post the stories on Instagram stories now . I’m definitely taking these babies with me to #mtvmama2016 in South Africa this weekend , gotta glow on that red carpet for my baby Future😂😂😂😂😂 . Have a fab day and watch my Instagram stories to see videos

PS: I saved some before pictures to see the progress especially to monitor my skin tone

You can follow Makari on Instagram @makariofficialnigeria to learn more and it’s available at all Kuddy Cosmetics Store nationwide 💃🏽

Have you ever used this product? What are your thoughts ?

The Makari Rose 24k gold Premium  collection comprises of Lightening  Serum ,Lightening body lotion and soap


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7 thoughts on “New Product review

  1. Encouraged, I always tot makari was meant to bleach. Maybe I’ll give it a shot. K, I’m not rilli digging ur blue checkered gown n red shoes. Each piece is beautiful on its own but put together doesn’t really look like keylahs style dat I’m used to. Betr luck next time.


    1. I think you should give it a try .Thanks lol! Switching things up , but for some strange reason I was really feeling this look but thanks for your comments 😘😘


  2. Hello Kayla,I’ve always been of your style and your personality👏👏.My skin is okay but who doesn’t want to glow like you🤗.I just want to know if I have to use the three products together to get the result.I have a chocolate skin tone like you and I am also so keen on not bleaching.I’ll be so grateful if you reply.Thanks a lot


  3. Hello Kaylah.I have a chocolate skin tone and my major is the uneven colour of my skin.I am so keen on not bleaching.I want to know if I have to use the three products together for me to see results or can I use the lotion and soap only.PS:I’ve always loved your skin regardless of anything💕


  4. Ok, it is not meant to bleach but make the skin glow. I have a weakness for good skin care products and ibdont mind trying it. But ,Isn’t it very expensive I mean, can a regularly working class Nigerian lady go for it. Let’s say , this set of makari product that i can see goes for it? Lols


  5. Hi Kaylah, my mom has sworn by Makari for years, and I can say it works wonders and never bleaches so I agree with u girl. My issue is that how many different types of their products can u use at once? Have only used their scrubs and lotion, but if I added this line would they contradict or dry out my skin? I have some black spots that are hella stubborn.


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