Monday Nugget

Hey guys !
How are you and I hope you had a great weekend . This post was actually shared on Instagram but I decided to post here for those of us who are not signed on to the platform .
Yesterday at church , the pastor talked extensively about how the current state of our economy and other personal struggles is affecting a large number of us but urged us to hold on tightly to God and I couldn’t agree more…
Whenever we face obstacles we either fight or take flight and how we respond reflects our belief in ourselves. And in turn the eventual outcome.
You know, at times, we get certain tasks that make us doubt our abilities even before trying. We wonder if we’ve not asked for more than we can handle. And might start thinking of how to back down. But then, we didn’t. We pushed ourselves through each step. And we did it.
Remember how you felt after?
Life is made up of such hurdles. Every step of the way there are new challenges to overcome, stuff to build and ideas to execute. And there are times, they feel overwhelming. It gets you thinking “maybe this is impossible”. But sometimes the answers to these obstacles are found when least expected, so they elude us while in the heat of things.
At no point should you give up. So step back from it a little, calm your nerves and tell yourself it’s possible.
Once you engage your mind, the brain has its way of coming up with solutions that place you in a better position than you’ll be if you give up. Don’t forget to hold on to God too. Prayer goes a long way .
Believe you can.
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