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Kaylah’s Beauty Day Out


Hi Guys,

Finally!!! I have put together highlights from my #BeautyDayOut event. For those who follow my show, Catwalk with Kaylah, you would recall I announced I would host two lucky ladies for a one day luxurious beauty treatment with me.

The criterion was that you upload a picture of yourself showing your natural hairand tell me why you want to hang out with me. Simple right? Well maybe on your part.  Not on this side…..I received over three hundred entries and I had to sieve through to pick three finalists;come and see natural hair in action, i’m like yoooo, we got a lot of women walking around with good hair, its not just Becky hehehe…. shout out to all the people i called to help me pick out the finalists and shout out to the internet bullies too hahaha:)

It was a tough call. At the last minute I added one more person to the group. I wish I could have picked more ladies to join us but lets see what happens in the next one….so watch out!

Four was just right. Here are the gorgeous ladies I spent the day with….aren’t they lovely?

The event went beyond my expectation with the amazing support from Dark and Lovely. We met up at Ugo’s Make Me Salon, he got his team working on their hair and we tried out the new Dark and Lovely Fat Protein Relaxer which gave excellent results , after that  Bimpe Onokoya came through with make-up and she nailed it, Maurella (one of the ladies is a make-up artist and she loves Bimpe, so she was thrilled to have her role model work on her) .

Washing our hair…



Lunch was courtesy a new healthy food restaurant called Beetroot; we tried to do the ‘fit fam’ thing so we had wraps, salads, soups and some good ol’chicken, between these we had small talks. I shared some of my experiences, style tips and I got to know the ladies better. I never knew i had made such an impression on women , at a point i was moved to tears as we spoke about life and all. The ladies are so smart and ladies if you are reading this, you inspired me too with your drive, passion and ambition.

We wrapped the day off with more pictures and each lady went home with a goodie bag. They got some really pretty shoes courtesy Aramide of ShoesInBulk (thanks girl);Mink Lashes from My Extensionz and loads of Dark and Lovely hair products. Below are the pictures of the ladies after the make-over.

BeetRoot…was soo yum:)
I gifted them with Dark and Lovely products
My Extensionz Mink lashes, they can be used up to 27 times!!!




Now look at them after the glam session…..

Ugo, Make Me Salon
Kaylah (winks) . I’m wearing a lovely bejeweled Ankara shift dreas from Nigerian Designer Moofa but I decided to step it up by pairing it with white jeans and red pumps from @myshoesng


And  we took some cute pictures 🙂



Here’s a short clip on the day: I hope you enjoyed reading…i’m working on another one pretty soon so keep refreshing this page to get updated. lots of love ….

10 thoughts on “Kaylah’s Beauty Day Out

  1. Was that all their hair ??? Chai I need to try out this relaxer o!kaylah I hope you will choose me next time


  2. I’m feeling your top! You all look pretty well done my dear ! Pls do another one soon as I could use some pampering ! I work too hard 😍😘


  3. Wow !this is so inspiring! Kaylah your hair is short compared to the ladies but it’s still healthy and beautiful . I’ve actually tried out the new darks and lovely . It was good for my hair. Pls when is the next one so I can apply


  4. Yoooo! See hair ! My hair is natural though , any hope for us cos I’m not relaxing anytime soon lol, but will like to meet you , I like your personality just like one of the ladies said . Keep it up !


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