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The Colour You Wear Defines You

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I don’t do fashion. I am fashion – Coco Chanel
Your style defines you.
It’s easy to dismiss the idea of having a personal style. You
may consider looking clean or looking the part as good
enough. Is it?
A while back, I attended a friend’s church. I walked in and
made a decision that it would be my church from that
point. The sermon, music and other rites was like what I
experienced at my home church. The difference was the
environment. It appealed to my senses. It felt like I had
just noticed colour for the first time. The smiling faces, the
colourful people combined to produce a rush of dopamine.

I have attended the new church for a few weeks and the
novelty has worn off. But I still feel good when I’m around
these beautiful folks. In my former congregation, the
people looked good with no makeup and bland outfits.
Good just isn’t good enough.
This is no critic on religion and doctrines. But I learned
this: your choice of colour adds to how people feel around

Scientists have researched into the correlation between
colour and mood. Colour Psychologists show that colours
affect emotional reactions and influence perceptions.
Branding agencies take advantage of this knowledge.

Colour is an influencing factor when customers make

Singe (in the book Impact of Colour on Marketing) says
colour leads to 62%-90% of a customer’s choice.
Glasgow installed blue streetlights in some neighbourhoods
in 2002. It recorded a reduced crime rate in these areas,
Seattle Times reports. Japan’s Police also set up blue
streetlights in 2005 – crime dropped by 9% in blue lit
I’m not asking you to paint the city blue to reduce crime. I’m
not telling you to wear blue all day to avoid being a victim
of a criminal act. The point is colour influences
you and the people around you. The colour of the piece you
have on predetermines how people will treat you.

Just ask the matador who wore red pants on his first day at

I know what you’re are thinking, What about Mark
Zuckerberg’s gray-tee and blue jeans. He seems to defy the
logic right? Nah. Grey represents elegance, humility,
respect, stability, neutrality, boredom and a lot more.
Maybe he did some research before settling for the colour.
Think about it.
Take your time. Don’t just throw something on. It’s easy,
you can search out these colours online and find out how
they influence perception. This will guide in piecing your
next outfit.
If you’re one of those who walk around with a lemon green
church banner over your outfits, stop it. Or know what
colours to combine it with. Better still wear matching pants
to complete the look. Ha ha.

Don’t play yourself.

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