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Skin care (new purchases) + free gifts

I would do anything for my skin…except bleach it…(no pun intended) …maybe its because I’ve used a product that turned me into a half cast overnight( OK i’m exaggerating ….i should look for that picture, i was much younger then hehehe) all in the name of reducing pimples lmaooooo. I didn’t even know i was getting lighter until people said “ah ahn Kaylah whats up with your skin ..its glowing but err you are almost as light as your mom”…(by the way my mom is about 3 shades lighter and i’m the darkest female in the family).

Like me, I honestly think some people don’t know the products they use actually alter their skin tone, while some just want to get lighter at all cost and they do not owe you an apology for that. I met up with someone  recently and i noticed she had gone 3 shades lighter especially in the face…we talked about it and she said shes using a treatment that is clearing out her spots, while she seemed so happy about that i figured she didn’t know how lighter she looked lol because even i pointed it out she said noooo, i’m  not light, ..but that’s not my business…as long as shes happy. I’ve been conscious about  skin care since secondary school, it heightened when i finished and the rest is history.

Over the years ,i’ve come to realize that while some may not need to do anything on their skin , some of us actually do lol…lucky them i must say e.g my friend turned sister peju Faloye, that girl doesn’t do jack ….her face is like a baby’s bum bum and its so annoying …hahahah!

Anywayyyyyyyyy…..The essence of my post is to update you on my recent purchases and my skin care routine which is often requested by you guys so lets get into it. You can view my previous post on a review i did on products purchased a couple of months ago here Product review :  I’m so excited when  shopping for Make up and Skin care products..other things include bags, shoes and household items , i enjoy going to to supermarkets too .(weird hehehe).. I’m going to start off with the freebies and move over to my recent haul.


First off is the Liquid Velvetines by Taos Cosmetics. Yanga beauty , an online beauty supply store sent me this 3 lovely matte Lipstick /Lipstain . I have not tried out the Eko City which is red in colour but will post a picture when i do.

I was drawn to the Marrakech instantly and in my excitement, i tried it on without lining nor moisturizing  my lips….hahhaha the result wasn’t great and to worsen it, i kept applying more  product over it, i quickly decided to remove it and voila, that was when i discovered the strength of this lippie, its designed to stay on for longer wear, so i literally had to wipe over and over before it came off totally .

On my second attempt, i moisturized my lips with Baby lips from Maybelline(clear colour) and line my lips with a Mac lip-liner , then i applied the product….this was perfect, it stayed for a really long time.. It dries quickly but it doesn’t cake up or chap out like some other products. it retails for 2,700 .

Taos Liquid Velvetines
Eko City
In Marrakech , Eko City and Jozi

Here is what they look like when applied

Marrakech (My fav)
Jozi ( i’m easing into this one, i feel the need to mix it up with another colour )

They can be purchased online via or or follow @yangabeauty and @taos_inc on Instagram to see more pictures and videos too.

Next item

Vane Polish owned by Fashion consultant , Veronica Odeka released 6 new summer colours and sent me 2 bottles to try out plus I also have a free one month polish at her nail bar in Lekki(isn’t that just awesome?) . I have to admit there’s been a noticeable improvement in the polish, this does not mean the initial ones are bad but i do see improvemts in terms of long wear and shine. The summer colurs are gorgeous , i cant wait to try out the Richie Rich on my nails .It retails for 2500 and if you own a salon you can get it at a reduced fee.


Baked on my nails…:)
The Six new Summer colours from Vane Polish
My Vane collection (proud) ….I got some other colours for my manicurist because i rarely groom my nails myself.

Next up

Just because its soo good, i had to quickly re-stock.
The reviews on this product has made me cave in..who doesn’t want a skin that glows eh? I will let you know what i think.
Just because my skin is oily and i gotta prime …the Milani is much cheaper and equally effective , so i got it to complement with  the Sacha Mattifier…(money mamagement)
I didn’t just buy this, i got it last week of April, this Charcoal Dead sea Mud mask is the truth, its easy to apply and I use it once a week , every Friday after a scrub., the relutant effect is instant, you can see your face glow aftger washing it off…definitely a keeper
And finally,

Vitamin C Serum (my first purchase was the Hydra C serum but it wasn’t available so Nnenna (YoutopiaBeauty)recommended this, its not very different, it does the same job and has the same components, collagen which is very important , a few drops goes a long way…
 So here you have it, remember, skin care is all about routine and consistency….so don’t give up, give your product time to work .

Till next time.


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@Yangabeauty or @taos_cosmetics for the Liquid Velvetines

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