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I’ve got mail….

Hey guys, Its been a minute since I had a conversation with you…i’m genuinely happy to be back. How have you been? Great i presume, I will love to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has taken out time to read and comment on my posts’ shout-out to those people constantly refreshing the page and asking for more write-ups…I love you all.

So recently, I’ve pretty much become an agony aunt….i cannot even believe it, ever since i started a segment on the radio (Catwalk with Kaylah on 96.9 Cool FM) where i discuss issues my listeners going through(fashion-related), my email has been flooded with all sorts of emails, from very personal to over-the-top…..some i can put out on-air and others…well …I can’t and that’s because i’m on day-time radio, so I’ve decided to treat one of such on this platform. Most people writing in have chosen to remain anonymous , so for the purpose of this , i will just put out the content of the email on here.I received this email on Sunday evening at 7:15pm. Let me know what your thoughts are in the comment section below.


Hi Kaylah,

How are you ? My name is Amaka and I’m a huge fan of yours since your days with Joyce and even when you were hosting the Night show with Vicky, great to have watched you grow steadily on Cool FM, I feel quite confident sharing this issue with you and hopefully you can discuss my present predicament on air . I’m a flight attendant with an airline here in Lagos and i am currently in a relationship, i’ve been dating my boyfriend for a little over a year now, hes a half-caste but Nigerian from his moms side and British from his dad, so its safe to say he is British. Everything was going nice and sweet with us until on day he suggested that we have another couple in the same room with us while we are having sex, the couple is a close friend of ours by the way so its not just a random couple. Initially, i declined and when i saw that he was constantly sulking ,I gave in; i gave in because we agreed that we will have sex with each other but will not go beyond having sex with the other couple, till today i don’t really get the idea behind it but like i said, i agreed to do it. I got to find out that my boyfriend and his friend had always wanted to do it (they are best friends) so after a couples date night we all agreed to do it , we picked a a date , time and place and decided to set the ball rolling. 

Initially, it was awkward , like me taking off my clothes but obviously we were drinking so we could feel relaxed, we started off by playing the ‘concentration’ game and things got steamy, before we knew it, we were having sex with our respective partners, after about an hour, my boyfriend suggested we swap partners, i was shocked because i couldn’t imagine another guy inside me just right after getting it from my boyfriend but he kept pushing so we swooped….i’m covering my face in shame as i write this…anyway…we went for it, now my boyfriends friend is full American , i’ve never looked at him in anyway or imagined being with him …but for some weird reason, the way he talked and eased me into it was magical, he literally screwed my brains out, he was bigger and had more rhythm, i was weak, to say that i didn’t enjoy it was an understatement, i had never squirted before but girl , the boy did things to my body, he was talking in my ear and doing all sorts….fast forward, we all had a good time, drank some more and called it a night.

A few weeks later, i ran into my boyfriends bestie at the airport, unfortunately he missed his flight so i helped him with rescheduling and stuff, while we were hanging and catching up, i felt a ting in my belly and before we knew it, we were having sex in the bathroom , and we have been screwing ever since,(6 months since the incident) he has literally been fucking my brains out, whenever he leaves , its like my head re-sets and i’m normal but once i see him or think of him i forget all moral righteousness and we get into it hard. We have gotten so close and i’ve fallen in love/lust with him;we actually are both in love with our partners but  whenever i have sex with my boyfriend all i see and feel is his bestie. i was thinking of breaking up with my boyfriend but i love him so much and i don’t want to hurt him because he has been good to me but he is the cause of my predicament, i have a strong feeling he (my boyfriend)wants to propose to me because his siter kinda hinted …i’m honestly torn…what do i do? 

Points to note Kaylah:

My side lover has been with his girlfriend for 3 years, she doesnt live in Nigeria

My current boyfriend wants to marry me and i think i want to marry him because i love him

I have never cheated in my life, my current boyfriend is my second and only boyfriend.

Thanks and I hope you can help….

Love , Amaka

So what do you advise Amaka to do? I personally think there is no need to cry over spilled milk, the first thought that comes to my head is, she has to end it with this new guy but i’m also thinking he might want to blackmail her if hes not done with this escapade of theirs …..but then again i’m thinking too much, what do you guys think?







6 thoughts on “I’ve got mail….

  1. Wow.. your story is similar to what happened to my 2 best friends who slept with each others boyfriend.

    Lady , you can’t marry your boyfriend because you re screwing his best friend. Your marriage might not work , I am being realistic with because you can’t hide the fact that you ve been having sex with his best friend.

    You have to confess to your boyfriend, but dont expect he forgives you. There is a possibility he would break up with you .
    You have made a terrible mistake by agreeing on having a group sex. If I were you , I will break up with him and start a new life, stay away from him and his best friend too..
    All the best


    1. I concur….she needs to end it and start all over again. If she ends up getting married to him,she might continue her affair with the best friend. Gosh, this is really a mess!


  2. @feyi , I don’t think she should end the relationship , I think she should come out and tell her boyfriend what she has been up to if she truly loves him , I do not think she is in love with the boyfriends friend ; it must be hard to come clean but it’s the best way out of this situation . I’m shocked something like this really happens here … But you never really know . Kaylah we miss your posts … Well done


  3. Wow ! Just clicked on your link via Instagram! Interesting ! My take on this is for Gods sake why? Why would you agree to such immorality . God almighty has a lot to deal with , this one na sodom and Gomorrah full fledge , ahan ! This westernized life has really come to africa ;homosexuality is being glamorized and all sorts of nonsense ! Baba God you dey try ! You dey try o! Which kain tin be dis.; and na wetin dey trend so , kaylah Abeg this girl has to go for deliverance o ! Wash her self for river ; this kain marriage no go ever work


  4. Man! This is serious !! She needs to walk away because even if she gets married she will continue to sleep with her husbands best friend o ! Things are really happening, my colleagues and I have been analyzing this thing since morning … Pls share more stories , Nigeria is going globs lol! We love you kaylah .


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