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The Colour You Wear Defines You

*Here's a new article by a contributor . I love it and i think you can take something from it. Enjoy! I don't do fashion. I am fashion - Coco Chanel Your style defines you. It’s easy to dismiss the idea of having a personal style. You may consider looking clean or looking the part… Continue reading The Colour You Wear Defines You

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Skin care (new purchases) + free gifts

I would do anything for my skin...except bleach it...(no pun intended) ...maybe its because I've used a product that turned me into a half cast overnight( OK i'm exaggerating ....i should look for that picture, i was much younger then hehehe) all in the name of reducing pimples lmaooooo. I didn't even know i was… Continue reading Skin care (new purchases) + free gifts

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I’ve got mail….

Hey guys, Its been a minute since I had a conversation with you...i'm genuinely happy to be back. How have you been? Great i presume, I will love to take a moment to say thank you to everyone who has taken out time to read and comment on my posts' shout-out to those people constantly… Continue reading I’ve got mail….