Angels on earth…How about them?

Sometime last year, on Twitter I talked about my very good friend (no strings attached) I run to anytime i got confused or just literally need to rant when the world seems to be totally against me ….or just when things aren’t going as planned. So lets call him ‘ J ‘ for the purpose of this write up and of course because he will literally kill me for mentioning his name on here… 😂😂LOL.. anyway back to the gist, so a typical example will be me placing a call to him and this is how the conversation would go…
Me: Hey J
J: Hey Kaylah how are you ? are you ok ?
Me: No, i’m not
J: Whats the matter ? can you please hang up and I will call you back in 5 minutes so you can let it all out….
Me: ok  J, thanks
You see, J is an extremely busy person but we’ve been friends for over 6 years before i joined radio but he always makes out time to hear what i have to say….because J cares😅
In 5 minutes , J calls back and says ‘OK Kaylah, shoot, i’m all ears, and i go into all sorts of emotion ranging from a full blown rant to a rather surprising calm, perhaps shed a few tears, laugh like an idiot😂, and do all sorts , and J ….is on the other end of the phone, listening , calming me down,  trying to make me happy, he takes me to that level where I get some balance  and when i’m good , this is how the conversation ends…..
J: so just take it easy Kaylah, everything will be fine….one step at a time okay?
Me: Ok J, thank you so much …God bless you
J: Amen , take care, bye
Me: Bye
*Phone call ends*
You see , our God is that one person we should run to either way … Happy or sad ….when we are down and weary, when uncertainties arise, when everything comes tumbling down; but sometimes we tend to have that one , two or three humans in our lives that we also speak to , that person that we physically connect to because we   see how they react either by crying , holding our hands, lending that hand of support or just sitting down there not making a sound till we are done . These are the J’s of the world , I call them ‘Angels on earth ‘ they are selfless and accommodating , they will never judge and often times brutally honest …..The J’s are usually fun people, very smart and often times have a good head on their shoulders, career wise they are doing very well, financially stable and in some cases have a ‘near’ or ‘almost’ perfect lives hence the confidence to run to them when we are in need….. Do we care for them ? Do we care to find out if they are really okay?
One day …something happened, I called J again on one of those days and this is how the conversation went …
Me: Hey J, whats up ?
J: I’m good Kaylah , how are you ? What’s up , you okay?
Me: J , im not ok
(and i start talking for almost 30 minutes, J is quietly listening on the other end, after a while, I say J , are you there???
J: yes dear, i’m listening , go on…
Me:  bla bla blaaaa for another 25 minutes,
(J is listening and offering advice and possible solution to my issues). this goes on for almost an hour, but todays call is different because after i was calm and okay ,i remember to ask a question in a way i had never asked before 
Me: Thanks J for listening,  I feel so much better … Lol, life can be so toughhmm , by the way , how are you though ? I ask
J: I’m ok
Me: Seriously , how are you , hows work , the family , you always seem to be having it all nice and good….
J: hahahaha Kaylah , well not really , things are actually bad….very bad
Me: bad ke?
J: I lost a huge contract that i invested millions in ,  my wife has gone into depression, i can barely pay my staff and everything is just a mess…wooo, don’t worry it will be well….
Me: *dead silence* then after a few seconds , but J  , why didn’t you tell me though , look at me here ranting with my issues that aren’t anywhere near yours, ha!
J: Nah Kaylah , its fine, so long as you are okay now. God is in control…..
Me: ha J, please if you need anything let me know i’m sorry o
J: Its fine Kaylah
Me: erm ..ok but thanks for listening o, thank you so much…
J: ok dear, speak later…take it easy o
Me: ok, you too bye
Whats the moral of the story , the J’s of this world are human , they need love and care too, even though they always seem to have it together, they also have personal issues, (and in most cases, they never like to talk about it, so you need to find a way to reach out to them too) lets not be selfish by pouring everything without finding out how they really are, i’m not saying when people are happy , they aren’t being genuine but remember that we all have our personal struggles, its in our nature to be selfish but sometimes, its great to ‘step out of our bodies’and try to imagine what other may be going through………….anyway…how are you doing , like how are you really doing? Have a blessed day .