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Hey guys, I haven’t blogged in a while, honestly, it isn’t easy. Blogging is actually fun but time consuming , I love it. Todays write up is about some products I recently purchased in the first week of February. I walked into a beauty supply store in Lekki 1; its called Youtopia beauty and spoke with the owner about a particular  issue that bothers me about my skin , my eye area, hehehe , I’ve got some  lines that are annoyingly visible especially when I’m  stressed out; I wanted to be able to go out without makeup and not bother about the lines , I mean I wasn’t asking that it should be completely gone (I wishhhh though) but I just wanted it to be less prominent , anyyyyyhoooooooo lets get into it.

So basically I have some products I’ve been using for a little over a month  and since I’m quite experimental because my skin won’t let me be great, lets talk about my latest purchase and what its been doing for my skin.

  1. Retinol Correxion Eye cream by ROC
Nnenna recommended this Retinol Correxion Eye cream by ROC. She advised I used it around my eyes daily, she asked me to be consistent and patient in order to see results , I got this product on the 5th , I’ve probably missed applying it for about 5 days throughout the month of February but I can tell you for free that I can see the results , the fine lines are not as harsh as before, they have softened up a bit . How do I use it? I apply it on a freshly cleansed and toned skin twice daily . It isn’t drying nor greasy

2. Hydra – C Serum 20%  by Cosmedica.

This one is simply the Topical application of vitamin C to give you that youthful glow. . Why do I like it? Because I go about town make-up free most times thereby allowing my skin breathe. You can see that a lot on Snapchat lol. You know as we get older collagen which is responsible for keeping our skin looking plum reduces so we gotta back up now 🙂 I use it 3 times a week .

3. L’OREAL Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

I’ve been on a foundation testing spree over the last month and a lady  and her sister walked into the store while Nnenna and I were speaking requesting desperately for this foundation . So after they left, I had to ask her what’s so amazing about this foundation , and just like as described on the product;  Air-light, oil free and gives you that matte finish, they weren’t lying at all, but  be warned , if you have dry skin, then this foundation is NOT for you . If you love that glowy look, then DON’T buy . It dries  quickly on application so you have to be quick. I mix mine with Mary Kay sometimes but overall its great if you have oily skin and it stays all day long.

4. Jamaican Castor Oil

castor oil.png
I’m sure we are all familiar with this product. I use it for my edges daily because for some weird reason my highly treasured temple hair got damaged by only God knows what. When ever I take my weave out, I go to the salon for a protein steam and also use this oil to moisturize my scalp before fixing again . My edges are gradually growing back. Its taking a bit of time but I have to be patient.

There you have it. I purchased these products at Youtopia Beauty located at Wollys Mall on Fola Osibo st , Lekki Phase 1.

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Write soon.

5 thoughts on “Product review :

  1. Thanks for writing again. I use the Jamaican Castor oil and I loooove it! I would like to try out the foundation because my skin is really oily, do you prime your skin before applying this foundation and what primer do you use … lots of love


  2. Hey Kaylah, I also have fine lines, im considering fillers, have you never considered that as an option, im kinda afraid sha…. keep the posts coming


  3. I must say that this review has tempted me into trying out these products, especially the Jamaican castor oil for my hair line. I desperately need mine to grow back. Wearing weaves and wigs back to back has depleted mine seriously. Keep writing these interesting pieces dear.


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