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New Words

Our word of the day is NURGATORY . According to Dictionary.com, it simply means “To have no real value, trifling or worthless” 😟

To further break it down to my understanding, it means something of no effect , more like a waste of time lol . I should use it more often . Let me try to use this word in a sentence ..πŸ˜¬πŸ˜…

Some people think investing in landed properties might be a nurgatory decision. πŸ€”

My English teachers , is this right ?

Let’s learn together πŸ€—

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Thanks a million 😘😘


3 thoughts on “New Words

  1. I have an example kaylah

    Dating Nigerian boys and expecting them not to cheat can be considered nurgatory


    Love your blog especially the article on doing it afraid . I did it in 2013 and my lice has never been the same in a very positive way .kisses


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