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Doing it afraid .

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As the title of this posts suggests “Do it afraid ” …. It’s easier said than done ….you know, someone once said to me ” When it scares you , then something is right ” . Don’t get me wrong , it depends on what really scares you actually lol . Fear is more like a feeling that we all get to experience from time to time , some people claim they never get scared ; I get scared o …..from time to time especially when I’m faced with circumstances that I think are beyond my control (well at the initial stage).. for example, taking or making decisions , trying out something new , cutting off people etc but I’ve learned to do it afraid regardless . As someone in the public eye , I tend to be extremely careful before doing certain things because of the backlash you are likely to receive even if you are on the right path, I’ve come to realize that no matter what you do, someone out there isn’t satisfied.

This year, I plan to take more risks and “do it afraid” and I’m calling on you to do same . Last year a good friend called to seek my opinion on her decision to quit her current job and move on to a new one . She told me she didn’t find her job challenging enough , her salary and all the goodies that come with it was perfect but she didn’t feel like she was growing in her career. The new job she was to take on was not as financially rewarding buy very challenging and would make her think outside the box.

Her colleagues thought she had gone crazy and she was also unsure if she wanted to take this decision . She had saved up a substantial amount of money to sustain herself whilst on this job and was comfortable (but you know we all push for more) . She had the option of staying or moving on to the next phase . After suggesting she spoke to her mentor ; i asked her if she was happy with her current state, she said not really …. And I told her to weigh her options and go ahead with the new job. She was very afraid …. But eventually rang me up and said she was going to go for it .

We had a chat last week and she’s happy she took on the new job because she feels fulfilled and is happy to take on the responsibility that came with it. Decisions based on career can be very dicey ,  starting a new business , leaving to another country or state , family related decisions , starting a family ,financial decisions etc… you may or may not get it right ,but you must do something. I don’t advise you take these decisions on your own , you need to speak to someone( honest ,reliable and realistic people) or more about it and weigh your options . Look at the positives and negatives as well .

Last week, I did something I never imagined  I’ll do lol ….not even in a lifetime ; anyone who knows the real Kaylah knows I’m pretty conservative but I decided to give it a try . I was called to do a job and after freaking out, I ran it by people whom I knew would tell me the truth and surprisingly they  gave me the go ahead (after an intensive back and forth plus a zillion questions 😂) . So I did it and I did it afraid oooo! Will share with you later 🙈❤️.

So what is that thing that you want/ed to do that scares/ed  the heck out of you? Did you go for it or let the fear factor hold you back ?

Share with me 😀

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9 thoughts on “Doing it afraid .

  1. My sexy superhero Kaylah Oniwo excellent piece of writeup…. Seriously one thing that has been part of my life has been d fear of walking up to a girl for the first time and getting rejected! Seriously I hate being rejected or turned down…… So I get my female friends by chance, through God….. Don’t know if I can kill that fear off me! That can explain why I’m still single up till today…


    1. Thanks Eddy . The good thing about what you are afraid of is that it’s something you can overcome . It’s not going to be overnight but I’ll tell you the very first step is removing the fear of being rejected . Being rejected comes in many forms from babes , work , family , friends etc so it’s no big deal . Ask yourself why the ladies are rejecting you and try another approach , I suggest you don’t try too hard , just take it nice and slow and study the lady In question and see how best you can approach her lol . Life is not that serious . Good luck in your next chase, there’s someone special out there for you . Cheers


  2. Nice writ up kaylah, your write up Is just the exact thing I need right now, I met these guy whom I like a lot But I have been afraid to date him cause I don’t want to experience a heart break or Failed relationship. With this i think I am going to give it a trial


  3. My love, I’ll surely give it another trial….. Thanks… I’ll give you a feedback if I get successful in my search for a real relationship…… Missing u and daddy freeze cos I’m in Owerri right now…. But wud b back soonest….. Love you!


  4. So I’m not doing medicine and pharmacy…which my family wants…but instead something else that I really luv…nd have a passion for..I’m scared Cuz I don’t want the whole ‘i told u so’…@ d end..


  5. Going through your blog right now and looooovvvving it! Never knew you had one though… Instagram brought me here… I have mine as well and it’s all about musings of a young upcoming media personality (would be so cool if you checked it out..)… Something I started while I was bored outta my mind during my NYSC years sha.. Lol.. Anyhu, your posts are amazing and I gotta say, you are slaying it all rounda…… Big ups Kaylah! #Sisterskillingit


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