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Friday morning musings …

Hey …. It’s me again🤗 ; I should start by saying thank you so much for the outpour of love on my birthday , what a remarkable day….. I was overwhelmed; at some point I even cried because it was just so wonderful. ❤️

Any way I just wanted to share this amazing video from Pastor T.D Jakes, it’s a clip from one of his sermons ….when this video came to my phone I was like”  oh no! Why does this person keep sending me broadcast messages eh?” but something asked me to open it and by the time I was done ; tears flowed freely from my eyes …. ( I’m emotional like that 🙈 😊😊) , In this video clip, he emphasizes on  not holding on to someone who took a walk out of your life . ….I agree and I also disagree … But I’ll tell you why …. walk with me n this one .Letting go is one of the hardest decisions to make , for some people it’s an easy feat and for others it’s almost impossible. I’m not solely referring to relationships in this context , it could be a business partner, a long time friendship and so on . It’s usually hard to say “ok goodbye” , this could be because of what you have invested in that particular relationship ,often times  we actually hold on to things that weigh us down and in the process we cloud greater things ahead of us . One of my favorite quotes of all time by an anonymous writer is “Never focus on closed doors ; you might just miss the next one that’s opened for you ”    Deep right?

Anyway , the message here is very powerful and I cannot receive it alone so I’m happy share  . Trust me ,it’s worth your time !

See video here

It’s not everyone who walks away that’s bad , some of them may be confused , hurt or need space so I’m not mis-interpreting this message . I get what he means but I think before you make or take that decision , you should try to make whatever it is work ,we should be able to see the signs especially when the other party is fed up .

Have you found yourself in a situation where you walked out on someone and realized you’ve made the greatest mistake of your life or you felt it was the best decision, Share with me in the comments section below .
Have a lovely lovely Friday ❤️❤️❤️


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6 thoughts on “Friday morning musings …

  1. I believe in trying but there are some relationship and friendships you must walked out of and never look back . i enjoy reading your blog dear


  2. Some pple are plain selfish, what a powerful word form TD Jakes , i key into it, no time for feeling sorry or weaak in 2016, and to answer your question, ive waled out before because i was in so much pain, it was very liberating , Fatima, im with you on this , Kaylah when is your nexy giveaway …share the goodies lol. i live in the uk but moving back finally in a week, love ya


  3. Once i had to walk out of a friendship because it was killing me and i just knew if i continued ill have ameltdown . thanks for sharing


  4. Hi im Farida, i walked out of a friendship with my friend of 10 years over a dispute that involved a man, i regretted it 6 months later but she had moved on , im still trying to connect with her because the man in question and i are not even together anymore, some of these things like you said require patience and wisdom. love you on the radio, im a nigerian living in SA, lets know when you are visiting, would love to host yuy, byeeeee


  5. I think there is a time for everything (just as the Bible says) & sometimes you try to plant when its time to reap lol. There are some people who can manipulate you into staying bcos it’s convenient, when they know they’re not in it for the long term,. And that is what makes me so sad when I see it especially when pple sacrifice years and years with nothing to show . So when it gets too much, I would rather go, see the relationship/friendship from a distance, & if it is worth it, go back. Rather than to siddan dere dey do watch dog for one door meanwhile oders dey slam… kmt!


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