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Appreciating yourself

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I hope you had a lovely weekend . Mine was good although I had a pretty rough day ; my mom fell ill very early this morning but she’s better so I’m quite exhausted . I’m about to have a shower and turn in for the night 😴😴.

I just want to share with you an article from the Positivity blog which I think could be useful . It was written by Henrik so enjoy . Have a blessed week . Lots of love from me to you .


I hope your weekend is going well. Mine has been very relaxing after a work-intense

Now, the topic this Sunday is a very common trap that so many of us have fallen into
at some point in time.

And that is to think you have to be and do things perfectly.

It’s a common idea but one that leads to more negative and destructive things than
good things.

Because trying to be perfect is setting the bar too high. It will be impossible to reach.

And so you’ll lower your self-esteem. You may not feel very happy about how things
are going in your life. Even though they might be going very well indeed.

Perfectionism is mindset that eats at you and your happiness. Saying yes to being
imperfect can turn that around.

Here are two ways to start doing that in 2016.

1. Realize the costs of buying into myths of perfection.

By watching too many movies, listening to too many songs and just taking in what
the world is telling you it is very easy to be lulled into dreams of perfection. It
sounds so good and wonderful and you want it and want to live it.

But in real life it can clash with reality and not only lead to lower self-esteem as
mentioned above. It can also harm or possibly lead you to end relationships, jobs,
projects, hobbies etc. just because your expectations on yourself and the world
around are out of this world.

I find it very helpful to remind myself of this simple and sobering fact whenever
I get lost in a perfectionistic headspace.

2. Be grateful for what you got and who you are.

Start focusing on this instead of putting so much of your attention on one weak spot
you have or one negative thing in your life.

A simple way to incorporate this more into your own daily life is to take out a small
piece of paper and a pen and then to write down these two questions:

– What is 1 thing I can be grateful for in my life today?
– What is 1 thing I can be grateful for about myself?

Then put that note on your bedside table or on your fridge so that you remember to
ask yourself these two questions early on each morning.

As you start to look at yourself and your life in this way it – over time – it also becomes
easier to handle that negative thing or to not make such a big, big deal out of weak
spot you may have.

Have a self-kind week!


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